Services Overview



This is a technique where hair-thin acupuncture needles are inserted gently at specific points along the body’s meridians with the purpose of balancing the Qi of the body. Like a car that runs optimally when the wheels are balanced, so do human bodies. This often painless insertion of sterile needles can unlock obstructions in Qi flow and realign the Qi where it has become unbalanced. Once this is done, Qi can freely circulate throughout the body, providing adequate nourishment to all types of tissues in the body. This process can eliminate pain and restore physio functions like digestion, absorption, reproduction etc.

Herbal Medicine

This treatment modality uses Chinese herbal formulas to treat disease and illnesses. Unlike treatment with single herbs, we prescribe herbal formulas that leverage the Nature and Qi of the each individual herb to culminate to perform the desired balancing of the entire body. Typically, an herbal decoction is brewed daily or every other day. The resultant herbal decoction (tea) is taken 3-6 times daily.

Brewing and consumption frequency is dependent on the severity of the condition and the constitution of the patient. Herbal decoction in pill forms can also be prescribed when the condition is more stabilized.



Tui Na

A massage like techniques to treat soft tissues injuries like muscle pain or joint pain etc. It can be use together with Acupuncture and herbal tonics. What’s nice with the technique is that it can be used for both acute and chronic conditions.

We can start gently to treat acute inflammations and it can go all the way up to treating chronic conditions with a lot of scar tissues and joint immobility. During the acute phase, day the first 48-72 hours, we use more gentle technique to increase circulation to the affected area to speed the healing process. If the injury is more than 3 days but within a month or two, we use more direct and deeper techniques to help organize the repair of the soft tissues.


Moxibustion is a heat therapy technique in which dried moxa plant in the shape of a cigar are burned very near the surface of the skin. The heat will penetrate the skin to achieve the therapeutic effect.

We found this especially effectively for fetal maldispositions.




This technique utilizes round cups to create a suction on the skin surface. This can causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. The cups are generally left in place for up to 30 minutes to draw out toxins from your system to achieve healing.

This is also a form of mild massage to improve circulation on the skin surface. This red marks that are typical after a treatment will naturally fade away within a week.